Transformative Cities

Transformative Cities is an opportunity for progressive local governments, municipalist coalitions, social movements and civil society organizations to popularize and share their experiences of tackling and finding solutions to our planet’s systemic economic, social, political and ecological crisis.

The initiative draws on the emerging wave of transformative political practices taking place at municipal level worldwide, by launching a unique award process that will ensure that the lessons and inspiration of these cities becomes viral.


We face a systemic economic, political and ecological crisis. Yet nation states and transnational institutions have increasingly been captured by private corporate interests which only exacerbates the crises. As a result electorates feel increasingly disempowered and disaffected by electoral politics.

TNI believes that the city can be a key space for the promotion of transformative political and economic practices. Cities can both model transformation and collectively have the power to bring us towards a world of peace, equity and democracy on a sustainable planet brought about and sustained by an informed and engaged citizenry.


We are an internationalist non-profit research and advocacy organisation based in Amsterdam.

For more than 40 years TNI’s mission has strengthened international social movements with rigorous research, reliable information, sound analysis and constructive proposals that advance progressive, democratic policy change and common solutions to global problems. In so doing, TNI acts as a unique nexus between social movements, engaged scholars and policy makers.

TNI - Transnational Institute


We bring our commitment to developing this project for at least four years. In addition to our capacity to engage with social movements, engaged scholars and policy makers from the North and Global South, we have led research on public sector alternatives to privatisation, invested more than 10 years working to make the human right to water a reality, and helped found a new global Energy Democracy network.

TNI is also known for its annual State of Power reports that have examined all dimensions of power, as well as for our support and collaboration with movements that have challenged corporate power in both the streets as well as within national and supranational institutions.


We believe that cooperation is essential to building a better world. We are already working in partnership with a number of networks and organisations to nurture and develop this project together. We welcome new partnerships with other initiatives looking at inspiring municipalist practices. Our partnerships are structured as mutually respectful, horizontal relationships of cooperation.