Finalists 2019

People's Choice Award 2019

Category: Water

Eau de Paris delivers cheaper, cleaner water

Paris, France

Eau de Paris (EDP) was created to improve the city’s municipal water service, which before 2010 was fragmented and expensive. Benefiting from strong political will, the city of Paris has made water management a major democratic issue, ensuring better managed and cheaper water supplies, as well as an unparalleled environmental strategy. Read the full story

‘Our Water Our Right’ campaign

Lagos, Nigeria

Since 2014, the ‘Our Water Our Rights’ Campaign has mobilised civil society, labour and grassroots groups to resist water privatisation across Lagos, and broadened citizen engagement in resolving the city’s water crisis. Against the odds, it has also increased government spending on water and sanitation in the city. Read the full story

Movement against water privatization

Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta citizens’ work to end privatization in Jakarta and enable a transition to good, publicly-run water services has resulted in the city government's plan to re-municipalize Jakarta’s water supply. Read the full story

Category: Energy

Earthworker Cooperative

Melbourne and Morwell, Australia

For 22 years Earthworker Cooperative has brought the environment/climate movement together with the labour movement to build cooperative manufactories and other cooperatives to enable communities to find ways out of the climate emergency. Today it successfully runs manufacturing and other energy, water, transport, and land care cooperatives. Read the full story

Barcelona Energia

Barcelona, Spain

Since February 2018, Barcelona City Council’s public electricity distributor Barcelona Energia has managed the electricity market for all the energy generated by the city and the Barcelona Metropolitan Area – some 200 GWh/year. Barcelona Energia is one of the great triumphs of ‘Brave Barcelona’, which is standing up to corporate lobbies and achieving autonomy and power for its citizens. Read the full story

Empowering Women as Sustainable Energy Leaders

West Bank & Gaza, Country

For a decade, chronic electricity shortages in Gaza as a result of the Israeli occupation have undermined already fragile living conditions. In response, PENGON and its member organisations have implemented solar energy projects to bring immediate relief and clean, people-powered electricity to 650 households in the Jordan Valley and 270 in the Gaza Strip. Read the full story

Category: Housing

Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative

New York City, United States

The Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative (BCDI) is a community-led effort to build an equitable, sustainable and democratic local economy that creates wealth and ownership for low-income people of colour. One of the primary ways it does this is by building a network of local leaders committed economic democracy, and helping them shift their organisations and institutions to take forward-looking, coordinated action to build shared wealth. Read the full story

Integrated social reconstruction homes in Isthmus of Tehuantepec

Ixtepec, Mexico

In September 2017 the most powerful earthquake in Mexico’s history badly damaged the traditionally built homes of indigenous communities in Oaxaca. The municipal government moved in to demolish them – destroying the architectural heritage that the families depended on for their livelihoods and replacing it with modern and inadequate housing. But the intervention of local NGO Cooperación Comunitaria A.C. changed everything – galvanising the community to build homes not only able to withstand earthquakes, but also constructed using traditional techniques and tailored to the climate and culture. Read the full story

People power drives social and ecological transition

Jackson, MS, United States

Most people in Jackson, Mississippi live at or below the poverty line, and face chronic unemployment, poor health and an extreme wealth gap between black and white. Cooperation Jackson is helping transform the city into one that is ecologically and economically regenerative, rooted in equity, solidarity and mutual aid. Read the full story

Category: Food Systems

ColyFlor Solidarity Economy Circuit

Medellín, Colombia

Established 21 years ago, the ColyFlor Solidarity Economic Circuit is made up of 200 agricultural producers in Medellín who grow agroecological food to sell at the Fair Trade Store Colyflor. In 2018, the work done by the Circuit to educate people about agroecological foods and to effectively market their high quality products meant that sales reached more than 1,225 million Colombian pesos (more than US $ 373,000). Read the full story

Waste management innovation for food security and climate change mitigation

Kitale Town, Kenya

A community in Kitale Town, Kenya, has come together to transform waste into valuable recycled products to sell – an activity designed to improve livelihoods, clean up local dwellings and the environment, and improve food and energy production. Read the full story

Cargonomia Community Cargobike and Local Food Distribution Center

Budapest, Hungary

Since 2015, Budapest-based Cargonomia has acted as a sustainable urban transport centre and local organic food distribution point through its cargo-bike messenger service, bicycle-building cooperative, family-scale organic vegetable farm, organic bakery, wine distributor and network of citizen volunteers. Read the full story