Transformative Cities

People's Choice Award 2019 Results

Four cities have been chosen by popular vote for Transformative Cities Peoples' Choice Award 2019 for inspiring people to take action to transform their cities in areas of water, energy, food and housing. Read their stories and the stories of the many other inspiring finalists below.

Water Category:

Lagos ‘Our Water Our Right’

Lagos, Nigeria

Energy Category:

Barcelona Energia

Barcelona, Spain

Housing Category:

Cooperación Comunitaria  A.C.

Ixtepec, Mexico

Food Category:

Dajopen Waste Management

Kitale town, Kenya

Live-stream of the award show in Amsterdam

If you are interested in the in-depth stories of the other finalists as well as the full list of initiatives that participated in the Atlas of Utopias you can find them here:

The Transformative Cities initiative is not a competition, but an exercise of coopetition, popularising progressive initiatives and encouraging cooperation and solidarity.  We will now start a process of reflection, evaluation and knowledge-exchange between the initiatives featured in the Atlas of Utopias, and continue to find ways to promote the communities building the change we want to see in the world. Stay tuned and sign up to our newsletter for more updates!