Transformative Cities Peoples’ Choice Award 2019 Finale

When: 4 December 2019 20-22h Where: Ghanese Church

Address: Kempering 58 Amsterdam, Zuid Oost 1104KG


Photo credit: Jess Graham

Broadcasting schedule: 20-22h Amsterdam Time 4 December, 2019

Stories of environmental degradation and social injustice seem to dominate the news. But all around the world, people are developing local solutions to global problems. Through a different lens, we see that another world is not only possible, it is already being built.

We launched an award for people-led initiatives to highlight and strengthen stories of cities and collectives that are experimenting with new ways to practice democracy and secure access to basic rights. We compiled 33 inspiring stories from 24 countries for our Atlas of Utopias.

Three transformative initiatives for each category (water, energy, housing and food systems) were selected as the top 12 finalists nominated for the Transformative Cities 2019 Award. These 12 initiatives come from Barcelona, Budapest, Ixtepec, Jackson, Jakarta, Kitale, Lagos, Medellin, Morwell, New York, Paris and the West Bank and Gaza.

Between mid-September and mid-October, more than 5000 people participated in the Transformative Cities vote. The finalists organised online and physical actions to bring attention to their transformative work. It is time to celebrate them!

On the occasion of the International Conference ‘The Future is Public’, the Transformative Cities Initiative will bring 8 of the finalists together to debate and discuss the opportunities and challenges for transforming our local contexts so we address the global challenges we are facing. During this unique event we will announce which initiatives received more popular support and who will receive the Transformative Cities 2019 People’s Choice Award.

This exceptional event was livestreamed worldwide, giving the opportunity for those outside Amsterdam to engage and be part of this celebration of collectives.

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Moderator Laura Flanders – The Laura Flanders Show (United States)


  • Femke Roosma (Fractievoorzitter GroenLinks Amsterdam)
  • Kauthar Bouchallikht (intersectional activist, journalist, trainer and campaigner)

Energy Finalists

  • Abeer Al Butmeh, PIGEON – Friends of the Earth Palestine (West Bank & Gaza)
  • Eloi Badia, Councillor of Cimate Emergency and the Ecological Transition of the Barcelona City Council. (Spain)

Housing Finalists

  • Evan M Casper-Futterman, Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative from New York (United States)
  • Isadora Hastings, Cooperación Comunitaria from Ixtepec (Mexico)

Food Systems Finalists

  • David Ngige, Dajopen Waste Management Project from Kitale (Kenya)
  • Lina Mondragón, Colyflor Solidarity Economy Circuit from Medellin (Colombia)

Water Finalists

  • Akinbode Oluwafemi, Environmental Rights Action (Environmental Rights Action- Friends of the Earth Nigeria from Lagos (Nigeria)
  • Tommy Albert Tobing in behalf of Amrta Institute from Jakarta (Indonesia)

Transformative Cities Coordinator

Sol Trumbo Vila of the Transnational Institute (Spain/Netherlands)