What’s unique about the initiative?

Clean Energy Initiative in Gaza strip aims to find effective solutions for energy scarcity in Gaza, bringing light and hope for Gazan people. The Clean Energy Initiative eliminates darkness in Gaza by bringing clean energy into community hands, with a special focus on empowering women as Sustainable Energy Leaders. The initiative brings women together to transform the energy system in Palestine and to lead the decision-making processes in the clean energy sector.

Most outstanding results

The goal of Friends of the Earth Palestine (PENGON) in Gaza is to provide renewable energy to the Palestinian population, who live under darkness as a result of the Israeli blockade for sixteen years. PENGON works together with its member organizations to install solar panels as a solution. The organisation targets 900 families, six schools with 6000 students, twenty female-led community organisations, and twenty-five other Palestinian organisations. In addition, they coordinate a group of fourteen Palestinian environmental NGOs and visit communities affected by energy scarcity.

In the centre of the Gaza Strip, in Waddi Alsalqa village, the Rural Women’s Development Society together with PENGON, has been able to install thirty two solar panels and batteries to power the kitchen where women cook and provide food for sale to the rest of the community. Prior to the installation of these solar panels, their work was constantly affected by prolonged power outages adding up to their hardships. Now, they count on independent energy efficiency and are able to invest the money used to pay the public electricity distribution company on themselves.

In the northern Gaza Strip are of Alwaha, near the Gaza-Israeli border, another eighteen solar panels were installed in a local farm. This solar panel-generated electricity helps to light the farm, power the greenhouse and pump water from a well. The biggest challenge here is to replace expired batteries and repair solar panels that are hit by Israeli army missiles.

The solar panel project was set up to support women’s participation and leadership in the context of low social acceptance and scant state support. This project gives women space to improve their skills at community and organisation level, and to be more active in lobbying and advocacy spaces for influencing gender laws and energy policies.

Quote from the evaluation committee

“PENGON’s strategies to build localised, renewable energy systems that are led by and address the energy needs of women in the context of Israel’s illegal settler colonialist project, are invaluable for all just transition struggles in an increasingly authoritarian world.”

– Lavinia Steinfort


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